My Canon EOS 7D II Guide is Now Available!

7D coversmallMy new Canon EOS 7D II Fast Track guide

My Canon 7D Mark II Fast Track Guide is finally becoming available as an ebook. As of July 18, it can be purchased in Kindle format (compatible with your favorite iOS, Android, OSX, or Windows computer using the free Kindle app.) Here:

If you prefer a PDF, Apple iBook or Kobo version:

Nook version coming soon.


One thought on “My Canon EOS 7D II Guide is Now Available!

  1. I am so glad I clicked the link in my Kindle version of your book. I have now purchased the pdf copy too. I want to print out small sections to stick in my camera bag.
    Great book – I am trying to digest it all and having a great time learning about my camera (finally). I am actually a painter and use my camera for two purposes – getting my own reference photographs and shooting my artwork in my studio so I can make prints. The latter is proving to be quite challenging but your book is proving extremely helpful in understanding how to utilize ISO, f-stops, etc., stuff I haven’t looked at much since my film camera days.

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